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Enjoy a Workshop with your group of friends to try something new.


Or perhaps you'd like a series of workshops, each one can have a

different focus or be progressive in nature.


Workshops can cater for many levels of experience, from none to lots.


For example: a recent Tai Chi Workshop was arranged by invitation - to

discover the thousands of years old art of slow, gentle, relaxing, rhythmical, aligned movement, and learning how the mindful movements in themselves can be fun, challenging, rewarding and beneficial in our modern lifestyles.


Some other Tai Chi day ideas have been:


Stillness in Movement, and movement in stillness; which comes first.....


Perhaps Tai Chi is: one move with 108 variations; what is that one move,

and what are the variations.....


Tai Chi is learning about oneself, not just learning the moves.....


Push Hands.....


Energy Skills.....


Workshops are great for presenting much more than the average weekly lesson has time for.


Sound intriguing, get in touch on 07816 230 211 and we can arrange a workshop to suit you or your group of friends.  Over the years I've done dozens of workshops and retreat days, some for my own regular customers, others for one off group bookings.  The above Tai Chi day resulted in me starting a new weekly beginners class for the satisfied customers.


Workshops are presented as an experiential and reflective learning invitation, welcoming each persons unique interpretation, ability, and enquiry.


Workshops like the above would usually start at 10am and finish at 4pm, at one of the local village halls, and are £60 per person with refreshments available, but bringing your own packed lunch.  Catering can sometimes be available too.  Everything is possible.


Personalised Workshops  can be on any subject you like (Shiatsu, Reiki, Massage, Qigong, Tai Chi, Personal Fitness, Stretching, Meditation).  Recent Tai Chi workshop ideas are presented on this page for example only.