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Tai Chi and Qigong

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Tai Chi; the art of movement, good posture, balance, coordination, and peaceful exercise.


Zen Taiji participants report: feeling calmer, having better posture, better balance, and enjoying the detailed teaching / explanations, and a miriad of other personal benefits.

Tai Chi or Qigong is available as weekly group classes or private lessons or corporate programs or educational programs.

Tai Chi - Has many styles originating from early culture in China and has adapted over the years to modern life.


My favourite story of Tai Chi (Taiji) origins comes from a time in Chinese history of a great flood; the flood waters covered much of the land and became stagnant, thus the peoples became ill.  The Emperor of the time, concerned for his peoples well being, discussed solutions with his physician who came up with ‘The Great Dances’ - Tai Chi.  It was and still is recognised that; like water, humans need physical movement to be healthy on all levels - thus gentle movement helped restore and devlop good health and wellbeing.


The traditional medicine of the time encompassed health and fitness for the body, mind, emotions, nutrition, energy (Chi), and Spirit.  Tai Chi still encompasses all these aspects of being a healthy human.


There was also a time when ‘The Great Dances’ / Tai Chi diversified through martial arts.  Now, people all over the world take part in ‘The Great Dances’ / Tai Chi everyday for many reasons - relevant to their own lifestyle.


Zen Taiji is the unique long form of Tai Chi Chuan (empty hand form / non weapons form) taught by Greg Cutler.


Zen Taiji began its evolvement whilst Greg was living in New Zealand (1997 to '99) - Greg now welcomes you to experience and learn the heart and soul of Taiji - the art of movement for long term health fitness and well being.  Fitness from the inside.   One move 108 variations.  Real Taiji is about knowing yourself - not the 'moves'.

Tai Chi Devon - Totnes, Kingsbridge, Dartmouth, and surrounding TQ9, TQ7, TQ6 areas.

Learning Tai Chi (Zen Taiji) takes time.

It is a journey; beautiful, relaxing, sociable, enjoyable, yet also challenging at times - which is why it is so rewarding and beneficial.

Tai Chi is not like other activities where you are just told what to do then forget about it until the next class.  You'll need to find a few minutes each day to practice your 'energy skill' in between classes.

Private Tai Chi or Qigong Tuition




Private sessions (in person) will be tailored to your specific Tai Chi or Qigong requirements.

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Tai Chi Class

Tuesdays at Ashprington Village Hall, Totnes, Devon, UK.        5pm to 6pm.

£60 per 5 consecutive week block.


(Click for) Qigong (Chi Kung) is often easier to take part in than learning Tai Chi - with Tai Chi the movements follow a sequence and all join together in a consistent, graceful, gentle, flowing rhythm.  Frequent practice is required between Tai Chi lessons otherwise the student will struggle to keep up.


Qigong on the other hand takes movements from Tai Chi and individualises them, each individual movement is then repeated several times - whilst it is still beneficial to practice Qigong between lessons the student can be more casual in approach, or find time for enjoying Qigong more easily perhaps within a hectic or busy lifestyle.


Qigong Class

Tuesdays at Ashprington Village Hall, Totnes, Devon, UK.        3.45pm to 4.45pm.

£55 per 5 consecutive week block.



Tai Chi or Qigong classes will occasionally be outdoors weather permitting.

Wear clothes sutiable for gentle exercise.

Footwear for the outdoor classes should be suitable for comfort and gentle exercise on grass or beach.

Indoor classes bare / socked feet or indoor only shoes.


All classes are kept small to ensure high standard of tuition - booking your place is essential - please call 07816 230 211 to reserve your place.