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Shiatsu; the deepest and most relaxing of ‘massages’, enjoyed to treat ailments and injuries, relieve pain, and restore health.


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Shiatsu in the hip area for hip problems, lower back pain, sciatica, and to balance Gall Bladder Meridian.

Shiatsu in the shoulder area for shoulder problems, neck pain, arm problems, and to balance Meridians around shoulder, neck, arm and upper body.

Shiatsu in the neck area for neck problems, head aches, shoulder pain and to balance Meridians associated with this area of the body.

Shiatsu in the lower back area for lower back pain, deep relaxation and to balance the Bladder Meridian.

Shiatsu - the ultimate ‘bodywork', originating from Japan as a fully recognised system of traditional and holistic medicine - which has diversified over the years adapting to modern life and 21st Century health requirements.


Sometimes described as 'massage with your clothes on', or 'acupuncture without needles', or 'Japanese physiotherapy'.  Shiatsu is therapeutic and remedial relaxation for body and mind, which works in conjuction with the natural process of balance known in the body as homeostasis.  


Every day people all over the world choose  ‘Shi-at-su’  for many reasons, such as: to treat illness, to relieve pain and discomfort, to support orthodox medicine and treatments, to improve fitness or activity skills, and last but not least - simply because they can - you don’t have to be ill or have problems to enjoy Shiatsu.


Deep relaxation is guaranteed from each session, and thus quality of life improvements.  For optimum effect and results Shiatsu treats people not just a list of symptoms, and there are no toxic, dangerous or addictive side effects.


Shiatsu appointments generally last an hour.  Click here for booking terms.


Enjoy Shiatsu in the luxury and convenience of your own home - click here.


Advance booking essential for all appointments, call or text Greg (07816 230 211).


Wear loose or comfortable clothing, (not jeans or skirt / dress).


Shiatsu Tuition available; for practitioner skills development, bespoke CPD, or introductory courses - please phone 07816 230 211 for details.

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Watch Greg give a full 45 minute Shiatsu in 60 seconds