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Qigong, or Chi Kung, or even Chi Gong can be interpreted to mean Energy Skill, and is found in many forms and practiced for many objectives.


Some forms are static postures, other forms have external movements, some focus on internal movements, whilst others use visualisations, breathing, and meditation techniques.  Some forms are physically extreme, and others are quite gentle.  All can have specific objectives depending up on the practitioners requirements.


Shibashi has 18 external moving postures, and also internal and meditation techniques.  Each posture is repeated several times.  Shibashi, from just a physical point of view is a nice balanced gentle whole body work out, good for joint mobility, muscle strength, balance and coordination.  Internally, the internal organs get a gentle massage from the twisting, turning and bending movements.  Energetically, Chi pathways and points are revitalised.  The mind can be utilised to incorporate related imagery, and / or focus on the detail in the movement techniques.  Breathing exercises can also be practiced through Shibashi.  Or, simply enjoy the activity and immersing oneself in the beauty of nature.


Qigong can be easier and quicker to learn than Tai Chi.  Tai Chi is sometimes known as the ultimate Qigong.


Qigong is available through private tuition.


Private one to one lessons for up to an hour.


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Call or Text Greg on 07816 230 211 to book your lessons, or to ask any questions you may have about learning or practicing Qigong.

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Here's a short video of Qigong Shibashi, in this impromptu session on the beach at sunset, I follow most (but not all) of the movements set out in the (18 Stance) Taiji Qigong Shibashi sequence.  Shibashi is just one of the Qigong forms I teach.

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Shibashi:  Flying Dove Spreads Its Wings

8 Strands:  No 3 - Archer On Horseback

Qigong - Devon

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Tuesdays at Ashprington Village Hall, Totnes, Devon.

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