Greg Cutler


07816 230 211


Personal 1 to 1 tutoring, specific and bespoke to your

requirements for Tai Chi, Stretch Classes, Qigong,

Meditation, and Personal Fitness Training.


Live streaming has the advantage of being able to

take part where ever you have an internet connection

rather than travelling to classes.


As well as getting detailed personal instruction from

me, you will also be able to see your own activity in

real time - which is an advantage you don't get in

face to face sessions or group classes.


Everything is mirrored, just like in my you tube videos.


1 to 1 sessions can be on FaceTime if you have an apple device, or whatsapp, or Skype on other devices.  (Please note I'm not currently offering group live streaming classes - only 1 to 1 personal activities.)


As well as an internet connection all you need is a mobile device or tablet, or a web cam on your computer / laptop, and enough space to do the activity.  You could be at home, on the beach, or any other favourite location.


Skype sessions can be recorded, with consent, so you can watch it as often as you wish.  (If doing this, make sure you have enough device or cloud storage space before we begin.)


Prices are per person taking part:


£15 for 15 minutes per person - this is probably enough time to learn or revise one Tai Chi or Qigong movement, or for a couple of stretches or fitness exercises.


£30 for 1/2 an hour per person - this is more of an emersive experience.


£55 for a full hour per person - this is fully emersive and in depth, the same as if working with me in person.


Payments to be made at the time of booking; directly to my bank account.


If wishing to use Paypal please add 10% to the above fees and use:

(ie: Paypal; 15 minutes = £16.50,  1/2 hour = £33  full hour = £60.50.)


All payments must have cleared before your session commences.


Please contact Greg 07816 230 211 (or click here to use the contact form) to discuss your session requirements, and book your session.  


Cancellations at less than 3 full business days are non refundable.



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